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December 2, 11:48 am | By Shaun Schafer

Russia got the 2018 World Cup over England and Qatar got the 2022 World Cup over the US. WTF?

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June 26, 2:49 pm | By Shaun Schafer | 3

The US run at the 2010 World Cup is over. Now is the time to look at what went well, what went wrong, and who we might see in 2014. Start planning your trip to Brazil now.

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June 25, 6:55 pm | By Shaun Schafer | 2

The U.S. wasn’t the only surpise in the first round. Now it’s time to see what the Yanks have left, and take a look at others in the round of 16.

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June 18, 9:21 pm | By Shaun Schafer | 2

The U.S. comeback against Slovenia was just one of the perplexing, amazing and compelling moments in one of the weirder days at the World Cup.

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June 13, 9:42 am | By Shaun Schafer

The British Bulldog and Colorado Rapids get high marks for putting together a great street party for Saturday’s US-England match.

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June 11, 8:08 am | By Shaun Schafer | 2

The time has come for critical questions, tangential asides and the final thoughts on US starters for Saturday’s opening match.

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June 9, 12:28 pm | By Shaun Schafer | 2

It’s time to put out who will be advancing to the July 11 final in Soccer City in Johannesburg, and who will be home watching on TV.

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May 26, 11:17 am | By Shaun Schafer | 1

Herculez Gomez is among the surprises that made Bob Bradley’s 23-man roster for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The U.S. begins play on June 12 against England.

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May 25, 10:46 pm | By Shaun Schafer

Tuesday’s exhibition loss to the Czech Republic made it easier to cut the U.S. roster from 30 to 23 players. Here’s some likely additions and subtractions.

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May 15, 9:34 am | By Nick Bruzon

The clock is ticking and our London correspondent is already finding challenges in gathering the mates and family just to WATCH the England-USA match.