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November 18, 9:52 pm | By Chelsie Gamino

Junior goalkeeper Lara Campbell on Oct. 7, 2011 during the South Alabama match @ CIBER Field
The University of Denver’s women’s soccer team has had an amazing season, and finished with 16 wins and only five losses.
Junior goalkeeper Lara Campbell made an astounding 43 saves this season even after suffering a, high ankle sprain injury early on in the season.
During, “Captain’s practice, right before preseason started, I dove for a ball and landed weird and my ankle twisted.” Campbell said.
Campbell still had to attend practices while she was …

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November 18, 7:06 pm | By Chelsie Gamino

Freshman foward Christian Volesky, right, with the ball during the College of Charleston match on Sept. 18, 2011 @ CIBER Field.
The University of Denver’s men’s soccer team finished the season with, (5-3-11).
Freshman forward Christian Volesky had an extremely successful season with, six goals and one assist.
He made a total of 32 shots and 16 of those shots were shots on goal this season.
Volesky is a Communications major at DU and does not have a specific plan with what he is going to do with that degree …

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November 10, 7:34 pm | By Chelsie Gamino | 1

Hamilton during the Oct. 7, 2011 match versus South Alabama @ CIBER Field.
This year’s University of Denver’s women’s soccer team has been winning games left and right, after 21 games, they have come out victorious in 16 of them. Sophomore forward Kristen Hamilton made a large contribution to those statistics. This season, Hamilton has scored a total of 16 goals and made nine assists.
Hamilton’s best experience for the season was during the Nebraska and DU match on Aug. …

Colorado Rapids »

November 7, 10:49 pm | By Shaun Schafer | 1

Unable to come to an agreement with the front office, coach Gary Smith was shown the door on Monday.

Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference »

November 7, 10:28 pm | By Shaun Schafer

Seven Colorado teams are among the 80 teams in the field for the men’s and women’s NCAA Division II tournaments announced on Monday.

Colorado Rapids »

November 2, 9:13 pm | By Shaun Schafer

Sporting Kansas City brought an end to the Colorado Rapids defense of the 2010 MLS Cup with a 2-0 victory on Wednesday night in Kansas City.

Colorado Rapids »

November 2, 8:01 am | By Shaun Schafer

There’s plenty of enthusiasm among Rapids supporters for a comeback tonight, but that’s not going to be enough.